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If you’d like to join the LexisNexis Canada team as a Law Student Associate on your campus in the future, please contact us at lawschools@lexisnexis.ca.

Why use LexisNexis products

Over the course of your law school journey, we know you’ll be busy with assignments, class, exams, and landing that new job. LexisNexis Canada can help you bear that workload. We are pleased to provide complimentary access to Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® and Lexis Practice Advisor® Canada - your go-to tools for exceling in your law school studies and kick-starting your legal career.

What makes us different from the other guys?

What you get

Law students get free access to Lexis Advance Quicklaw and Lexis Practice Advisor.

Lexis Advance Quicklaw

Lexis Advance Quicklaw is a collection of trusted content, case summaries and productivity tools practicing lawyers use every day for legal research.

Lexis Practice Advisor

Lexis Practice Advisor Canada is a large database collection of checklists, forms, precedents and how-to guidance in various areas of practice. Lexis Practice Advisor will help you to draft contracts, review sample documents, and illustrate step by step processes to complete unfamiliar transactions.

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